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Why Not Losing Weight On Keto?

Are you struggling to lose weight on the keto diet? Find out why you may not be seeing the results you want and how to get back on track with this helpful guide. Learn about common mistakes, potential health risks, and tips for success.

The keto is considered as a means to lose weight fast and in a short time, but sometimes it does not work. As a result, weight loss cannot be achieved by keto dieting. So guys, today we will discuss why and what are the reasons for not losing weight on keto.

People are becoming obese due to various reasons including unhealthy lifestyle and eating fatty foods.  Many people are now leaning towards diet. Without the right idea about diet, watching the internet, youtube, to lose weight in a short time by Keto dieting, but many are not losing weight. The Keto Diet is a well-known name among health conscious people. At present the younger generation is taking it the most. However, following it often does not reduce the weight of the people which makes them more frustrated. 

What Is Keto Diet?

Before we know why and for what reasons are not losing weight as a result of the Keto diet, we need to know what the Kite diet is. 

keto diet is a diet that adds adequate amounts of protein and fat to the diet, reducing the amount of carbohydrates or sugars. This reduces the appetite. The ketogenic diet is the super low-carb diet. This diet will be low in carb extreme levels, high in fat and high in protein middle level.

Types Of Keto Diet:

  • Standard ketogenic diet: This type of diet contains 5% carbs. Not only this, with the help of 25% protein and 75% fat.
  • Targeted ketogenic diet: This diet is to be followed like a standard ketogenic diet. However, how a person’s physical work is considered here. And sugars are added to the diet according to the type and quantity of human body.
  • Cyclical ketogenic diet: In this diet you need to eliminate sugar five days a week and add more sugar the other two days.

Why No Losing Weight On Keto

Those who are overweight understand very well how difficult it is to lose weight. Many people do not lose weight even after dieting for several years. There are many people who follow a ‘keto diet’ to lose weight. But sometimes it does not help to reduce over weight. And even if the weight is reduced, it can go back to its previous state. Some of the reasons why weight is not reduced are highlighted below:

Excess protein intake:

Since this diet is protein dependent, many times the intake of extra protein leads to weight gain instead of weight loss. As a result, extra flesh is seen in the body. Which spoils the beauty of the body.

Denial of eating habits:

Many people refuse to eat in order to lose weight fast. In other words, he may omit any meal. That’s not right. The kit diet that is followed for rapid weight loss can work in the short term. Besides, when they start to eat again, they regain their weight also. And if you follow this fast weight loss diet, your body may become weak.

Sleep deprivation:

Sleep has a big effect on weight. Studies show that less sleep or more sleep both contribute to weight gain. So sleep a certain amount to control weight.


Stress disrupts the weight loss process. Stress releases a hormone called cortisol, which causes weight gain and is harmful to health. So stress must be controlled.

Expect quick results:

Kit diet in the hope of rapid weight loss. Many people suffer from depression after failing to do these things again. Experts say that weight loss does not happen overnight. You have to be patient for this. There is time and pursuit. Remember, it is a slow and long run like a marathon, not a fast run.

Those who follow the Keto diet must be very careful. It is also important to monitor whether the Keto diet is causing adverse effects on the body.

It has been found that many people get sick while practicing the Quito diet. It is normal to have adverse reactions when suddenly reducing the amount of sugar to make the body dependent on fat. Such as- Problems such as headaches, fatigue, increased appetite, loss of sleep, dizziness and loss of physical ability can occur. There may also be bad breath, muscle cramps, and various stomach ailments in some cases.

If one eats a large amount of eggs, meat, cheese, and butter to supplement the sugar deficit in the Keto diet, the risk of kidney stones is greatly increased. The keto diet can be dangerous for patients with chronic kidney disease.


Rapid weight loss is not healthy for the body. Gradually change the eating habits by understanding the condition of the body. Eat more healthy foods. In this case eat plenty of vegetables, fruits etc. and try to avoid red meat. Experts say it takes at least a few months to get used to any habit. So be patient to lose weight, do not rush. Uncontrolled living and physical abuse can cause irreparable damage at some point. Life will be healthy, beautiful and enjoyable if you are careful before such an unwanted loss occurs.

Today’s article highlights some of the reasons why weight loss does not occur even after following the Keto Diet. If you have any comments on this topic, please let us know in the comments.

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Shamim Ahmed
Shamim Ahmed
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