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Israel Cuts Off Power And Supplies To Gaza, Prompting Calls For Lifesaving Access

Gaza, Palestine – Israel has cut off power and supplies to the Gaza Strip, prompting calls for lifesaving access to the besieged enclave. The move comes after months of tensions between Israel and Hamas, the Palestinian militant group that controls Gaza.

The Israeli government said the cut-off was a response to rocket attacks from Gaza. However, human rights groups have warned that the move will have a devastating impact on the two million people living in Gaza, who are already struggling to cope with a humanitarian crisis.

The United Nations said that the power and supply cuts have left Gaza’s hospitals and water treatment plants on the brink of collapse. The UN also warned that the cuts could lead to a food crisis, as many people in Gaza rely on imported food.

Human rights groups have called on Israel to immediately lift the power and supply cuts. They have also called on the international community to pressure Israel to end its blockade of Gaza, which has been in place for over a decade.

The Israeli government has defended the blockade, saying it is necessary to prevent Hamas from smuggling weapons into Gaza. However, human rights groups say that the blockade is a form of collective punishment that is illegal under international law.

The power and supply cuts to Gaza have come at a time when the region is already facing a number of crises. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on Gaza, and the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has further exacerbated the humanitarian crisis.

The international community must take urgent action to ensure that the people of Gaza have access to life-saving essentials. The power and supply cuts must be lifted immediately, and the Israeli blockade of Gaza must be ended.


Shamim Ahmed
Shamim Ahmed
Shamim Ahmed is a certified professional news writer who is also experienced in the travel and sports sectors. He embarked upon a career as a writer and editor. He always appears to us with the latest news which is his passion. Not only that, he helps people to raise their voices for their rights. He also enjoys writing about sports and travels and has contributed to various sports sites. He is a strong believer that the right words can educate and simplify. He loves writing about technical/complex details in a simple, easy-to-understand, digestible, friendly way.


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